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Union Careers

What's in it for You! — What are the benefits of becoming a Union worker?

If you are interested in a job change, are a recent high school graduate, or looking for a stable interesting career investigate becoming a member of a construction union. (Visit our Post High School information page.) If you are a returning member of the Armed Services you have many skills that will be beneficial to a career as a union construction journeyperson. (Visit our Veterans information page.)

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Here's a few reasons why you should consider this career path.

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement: (CBA or contract) A CBA spells out the hours of work, terms and conditions of employment, it provides for a grievance and arbitration procedure and so much more.
  • Health care: Negotiated CBA either spells out the health care coverage, or references the SPD (summary plan description) or policy which gives you in detail what your benefit coverage is.
  • Retirement: The Collective Bargaining Agreements provides for opportunities for planned savings for retirement.
  • Training: Provides a comprehensive Federally approved training curriculum that will enable you to become the highly skilled journey person that today’s designs and technology demand. Once you have completed your apprenticeship and become a Journeyperson, the training doesn’t stop there. The Union (and our signatory employers) provide for continuing education opportunities.
  • Placement: As a Union Member, you will have access to a Union-provided referral service for employment. If you get laid off, want to get closer to home or simply want to make a change, your Local and your servicing Business Representative are your source for a smooth transition.
  • Unions working for YOU: Your union also works for you outside of the workplace, in the halls of the nation’s Capitol. Unions fight hard for their members’ political and legislative interests.
  • Assistance with Management-Employee Work Relationships: Union stewards are available to assist with contractor-employee relationships/questions.
  • Overall: Because a union worker is most often better educated and has the opportunities to keep skills updated, union workers earn better pay, better working conditions, better benefits, and in general have better relationships with management as the CBA covers all aspects of the expectations between worker and contractor. Collective bargaining works to develop a common agreement and build a collaborative working environment between the union and the signatory contractors.
  • Union/Non-Union Wage Differential: When the amount a union member is paid is compared to the amount a non-union member is paid for approximately the same service, almost always, a union member is paid more. The differential helps measure the effectiveness of unions. A highly effective union is good for employees, good for the community, and good for the signatory contractors who pay to have the job done right the first time.

Become a member of construction leaders - become a union member. Lead the way.

The American Labor Movement has consistently demonstrated its devotion to the public interest. It is, and has been, good for all America." ~ John F. Kennedy

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